Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Selepas Datuk Chef Wan mengkritik set nasi lemak yang dihidangkan dalam penerbangan Malaysia Airline System sebagai 'nasi lemak telanjang', giliran Chef Zam pula mengkritik makanan MAS....

Melalui Instagram beliau, Chef Zam menyatakan kekesalan beliau terhadap hidangan MAS yang disifatkan ‘memalukan’ memandangkan kerajaan membelanjakan jutaan ringgit untuk mempromosikan Malaysia sebagai ‘syurga makanan’ namun pengalaman.

Caption Chef Zam dalam Instagram beliau:

chef_zam - There is something terminally wrong with MAS food onboard. It is such a huge embarrassment not only to domestic passengers but most importantly to our foreign guests. How in the world can you promote this country as a food haven when their very first encounter with our so-called ‘cuisine’ is this ridiculousness?? It really embarassingly undermines the government’s effort i.e. MATRADE, Tourism Malaysia and the likes spending hundreds of millions of tax payers’ hard-earned money every year trying to paint a glorious picture of our cuisine to the world. Some people up there MUST go NOW!!

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