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HOW INSINCERE: Musa Aman's remarkable U-turn upon oil kingship payments

The new noises done by the leaders in Barisan Nasional (BN) Sabah over the call to enlarge the 5% oil kingship paid to Sabah have been responses that showed that BN is unfortunate to say the bound deposition status in Sabah!

Melanie Chia Chui Ket, the Luyang State Assemblywoman, done this criticism in the light of the new blandishments over the utterances by the BN leaders over the subject of oil kingship paid to Sabah.

The Sabah State Government underneath the leadership of Musa Aman had repeatedly over the last couple of years pronounced that it was not necessary to review the 5% money remuneration done to Sabah for giving divided the tenure of the oil as well as gas resources to Petronas since the Federal Government is already giving Sabah billions of ringgit of allocations since of the good attribute with Federal. This was regularly the answer since by the Chief Minister in the State Assembly when the subject was raised by Melanie.

A suit asking the "Anwar Ibrahim"-led BN state supervision to direct increasing remuneration of the inorganic substance kingship to Sabah submitted by Melanie in August 2011 was rejected by the State Legislative Assembly Speaker Datuk Seri Panglima Salleh Said Keruak. The rejection of the suit then was construed as cowardice as well as the BN Government in failing to strengthen the rights as well as interests of Sabah, now the poorest state in the nation despite the abundance in healthy resources.

The lame reasons since by the Speaker for rejecting the tabling of the suit in the interests of the State of Sabah as well as the people were ! that Pet ronas is now investing billions of ringgit in development projects in Sabah as well as that the oil agreement is underneath the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

Big U-turn, how insincere

The new utterance by the Sabah Chief Minister that the State Government would open "amicable discussions" with the Federal Governemnt to enlarge inorganic substance kingship remuneration from the current 5%, Melanie, additionally SAPP Wanita Chief, contended that this is again "sandiwara" in action by the BN Government especially when the 13th ubiquitous election is just turn the corner. She pronounced the BN supervision has to stop insulting the people's comprehension with the flip-flopping policies.

Melanie further contended that since the Sabah State Government would now open "amicable discussions" with the Federal Government, the Chief Minister should additionally take up the issue of the oil fields Block L as well as Block M that Malaysia had sealed divided to Brunei. The State Government owes an explanation to the people of Sabah upon the detriment of these dual productive oil fields as well as the mislaid of immeasurable income from the oi as well as gas descent from these dual blocks of oil fields that the Federal Government sealed divided to the Brunei Government.

On the call by Party Bersatu Sabah (PBS) wanting to make the fortitude at the coming party association to ask the federal supervision to enlarge the each year oil kingship remuneration to 20%, Melanie pronounced this is usually the gimmick by the party to set free the president, the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, for being additionally the signatory, together with the then Chief Minister of Sabah Harris Salleh, upon the oil agreement in between the Sabah State Government as well as Petronas giving divided the ownership, rights, powers, liberties as well as privileges of Sabah's oil as well as gas resources for the lapse of the me! re 5% mo ney remuneration in 1976.

Melanie Chia Chui Ket is SAPP Women Chief as well as State Assemblywoman for N16 Luyang

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